Until You Fall preview (Oculus)

Today we take a look at Until You Fall, an upcoming VR action game from the creators of I Expect You To Die.

What we know

Until You Fall is the new/upcoming VR game from Schell Games, who are responsible for one our favorite VR titles so far: the excellent I Expect You To Die, which went on to receive additional (free) DLC post-launch to make it even more rewarding and fun. They’re taking the Early Access approach with Until You Fall instead, adding features as development progresses. The game is available simultaneously on Steam and on the Oculus store, and supports the major PC-based headsets.

Featuring first person sword fighting in a fantasy environment, Until You Fall uses that fantasy backdrop to also incorporate magic/spellcasting with its gameplay. This creates a blend of melee and ranged combat where defeating enemies slowly gets you access to more powerful weapons as well. Fall in combat, and you’ll restart again and again in a roguelite fashion – getting stronger with each playthrough until you get past that hurdle that proved too high earlier.

until you fall2

It’s a single player only adventure with a narrative that involves a fallen kingdom now swarmed by monsters that you must face and take down in order to restore glory to the lands of Rokar. The campaign’s not yet fully complete, but with the recent release of version 0.5 there’s a good chunk of gameplay to explore already.

What we saw

We played the game through the Oculus Store, using a PC setup with a regular Oculus Rift as well as a setup that involved linking a Quest headset to the PC – which worked just as well. We played the most recent version that’s publically available for purchase right now, so you can check out the game as well.

What we thought

While very different from I Expect You To Die, it appears that Until You Fall is also turning out to be an incredibly polished experience. That polish set Schell’s previous game apart from other escape room-type games, and the same is happening here. While there are plenty of games with sword fighting mechanics in the VR domain, Until You Fall quickly became our favorite one. We’ve played a few where swordplay wasn’t just a gimmick and actually fun (Shadow Legend VR comes to mind), but Schell has deepened the experience with the addition of different weapons that encourage various playstyles, the use of a progression system and plenty of enemy variety.

until you fall

What also helps is that the game looks absolutely gorgeous as well. Because swordplay and combat is the focus of Until You Fall, you’re not spending a lot of time exploring and navigating large environments – something that has allowed the developers to instead apply a ton of polish to the combat mechanics and visuals. If you enjoyed the lightsaber action in Vader Unleashed (which also has a lot of visual polish), you’ll enjoy this as well – but expect a lot more refined gameplay dynamics. This is definitely one to look out for and Schell looks like they might have another VR winner on their hands. It’s very different from “I Expect” in terms of intensity though – this one’s a physical workout!

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