New Duo Pack offers Quest 2 enhancements

Virtual reality certainly isn’t the cheapest hobby in gaming at the moment, but the Oculus Quest 2 has made it a more affordable option than a new PlayStation 5 or Xbox Series X. Still, after picking up the headset it’s always nice if there’s a chance to save a bit of money on the games you want for it. There’s a brand new Duo Pack on the Oculus Store that offers just that, and it contains two excellent titles: Down the Rabbit Hole and Red Matter.

We’ve looked at Down the Rabbit Hole before on the original Quest, and reviewed Red Matter when it launched on PlayStation VR a while ago as well. Both are excellent VR titles on any platform, and Red Matter in particular has been hailed as one of the best (and best looking) titles you can pick up for the Quest, with a great deal of interactivity that works great with the Touch controllers.

red matter

In fact, playing Red Matter on the original Quest has been one of the most seamless transitions yet for us, coming from the PlayStation VR version with its less-than-optimal Move controllers to an extremely immersive experience that – aside from not being a room scale game – really sucks you into its sci-fi world.

It also looks great on the standalone Oculus headsets, so we couldn’t wait to try it on the Quest 2 as well. We did so earlier this week when the game became part of the new Duo Pack, and the recent Quest 2-specific updates to the game push this one even closer to the PC-based original release with longer drawing distances and a slightly higher level of detail. Combined with the already excellent gameplay, this is a must-buy title if you have a Quest 2 and are looking for a killer game to play on it in wireless mode.

red matter2

Down the Rabbit Hole, which just oozes fairytale charm, is a solid companion game for it as well, and has also received a recent Quest 2 update. Because much of the game takes place in confined, diorama-like spaces, it made little sense for the developers at Cortopia to try and enhance the drawing distance here – nor would the cartoon-like virtuals benefit much from additional detail.

Instead, Cortopia went for another benefit that the Quest 2 gives games: a 90Hz refresh rate for even smoother gameplay. The original Quest fell behind every other major headset out there when it came to the refresh rate that was possible on it, but one of the biggest selling points for the Quest 2 was that this was no longer a limitation. Down the Rabbit Hole follows in the footsteps of VR poster children like Superhot VR and Beat Saber with its 90Hz update, and while it’s not a major visual leap forward it does make it feel like you’re in an interactive Alice in Wonderland-type cartoon more than ever. If you didn’t pick these games up before, then this pack offers an excellent pair of games that is well optimized for the Quest 2 while also working fine on the original Quest.

down the rabbit hole2

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