Port roundup: Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak, War Mongrels & Medieval Dynasty

With the PlayStation 5 port of Monster Hunter Rise’s Sunbreak expansion, and console versions of War Mongrels and Medieval Dynasty, we’re checking out three recently released ports today.

Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak review (PS5)

Monster Hunter Rise Sunbreak is an expansion for the popular Monster Hunter Rise, available now for PlayStation 5 after previously having been released for the Nintendo Switch. As we pointed out in our review of the Switch version, it features 20 hours of new content, giving players enough reason to warrant a revisit to the game.

One of the standout features of Sunbreak is the addition of new monsters to hunt. These beasts are challenging and fun to fight, requiring new strategies and tactics to take them down. The new areas are also visually impressive, with stunning backdrops that add to the sense of adventure and exploration.

The PlayStation 5 version of Sunbreak takes full advantage of the hardware’s capabilities, bringing the new content to life even more convincingly than the Switch version did. The game runs at a smooth 60 frames per second with improved graphics and faster load times. The adaptive triggers on the DualSense controller add a new layer of immersion, making the hunting experience feel more realistic.


Sunbreak also introduces a new story questline, expanding upon the already excellent narrative of the base game. The new story content adds depth to the game’s lore, and it’s exciting to uncover the secrets of this world, even though Sunbreak doesn’t change that much from the original game. Because while the new monsters and areas are great, there isn’t enough completely new content to make it feel like a completely fresh experience. It’s also disappointing that the game doesn’t offer crossplay with other platforms, making it more difficult to play with friends on different systems.

Overall, Monster Hunter Rise Sunbreak is a great addition to the Monster Hunter franchise and an excellent reason to jump back into the game. The new monsters and areas add to the already fantastic gameplay, and the PlayStation 5 version takes advantage of the hardware’s capabilities to provide a smooth and immersive experience. While it may not have enough new content to satisfy those looking for a completely new experience, it’s still a great addition to an already excellent game.

War Mongrels review (PS5)

War Mongrels is a real-time tactics game set during World War II, where players take control of a group of fugitives who have escaped from the clutches of the Third Reich and are now struggling to survive on the Eastern Front. The game mixes tactical elements with adventure and stealth gameplay, creating a dark and fascinating story that explores the horrors of war.

One of the strengths of War Mongrels is its use of historical accuracy and attention to detail, with the developer, Destructive Creations, aiming to shine a light on aspects of World War II that rarely make the history books. The game’s environments are meticulously designed, and the use of animated cutscenes inspired by real-world accounts from war survivors and historians adds an extra layer of depth to the narrative.


The game’s tactical gameplay is also interesting, with players able to pause the action and issue orders to each squad member, allowing for tactical assaults when the enemy least expects them. If you enjoy games like Desperados and Shadow Tactics, you’ll probably enjoy this as well. Additionally, the use of an interactive environment to distract and ambush enemies adds an extra layer of depth to the gameplay, and the addition of co-op mode adds another level of replayability.

However, the game does have its flaws. The game’s AI can be frustratingly unresponsive at times, and when the controls feel clunky and imprecise it can be frustrating in the midst of combat. For both these points, it’s strange to see that they’ve likely been around since the PC version as well, which came out well before the current console ports.

Overall, War Mongrels is a mixed bag. Its attention to detail and historical accuracy are commendable, and the tactical gameplay is solid. However, the issues with the AI and controls detract from the overall experience. If you’re a fan of real-time tactics games and have an interest in World War II history, War Mongrels may be worth checking out, but be prepared for some frustrating moments.

Medieval Dynasty review (PS4)

Medieval Dynasty has already made some serious waves on PC, and after earlier releases for current gen console Toplitz is now making it available for last gen console owners as well. It offers an immersive open-world experience that allows players to take on the role of a young man who fled from war and is looking to build his own dynasty during medieval times. It combines survival, simulation, role-playing, and strategy elements, creating a unique and engaging gameplay experience with a lot of player freedom.

One of the biggest positives of Medieval Dynasty is its beautiful and realistic open-world landscape, with impressive graphics that bring the medieval era to life. The game also features a full 4-season cycle, with dynamic weather conditions and a day/night cycle that adds to the realism of the game world.


The game’s interactive environment is also noteworthy, with plenty of resources to gather, animals to hunt, and buildings to construct. With over 25 different buildings to choose from, players can build anything from simple hay shacks to grand stone mansions. The detailed skill tree also allows for character development, giving players the opportunity to hone their skills and become a master of many trades. Another positive aspect of Medieval Dynasty is the unique events and decisions that have a direct impact on gameplay, as well as the dynasty reputation system that triggers events. The game also features quests, trade and economy systems, sandbox options, and social connections with NPCs.

However, the game does have some downsides. One of the major criticisms is that the game can be slow-paced and repetitive, especially during the early stages of gameplay if you’re not used to games like this. The combat system also leaves something to be desired, with relatively clunky controls and limited options.

Despite these drawbacks, Medieval Dynasty offers a solid and enjoyable experience for players who are looking for a unique blend of genres and an immersive open-world. The game is available on most consoles now, with console-specific features – meaning you’ll see better visuals on next-gen consoles. This is something to keep in mind, as both versions aren’t bundled together.

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