Men O’ War: Corsair preview (PC)

Today we’re previewing Men O’ War: Corsair, another upcoming videogame based on a Games Workshop board game.

What we know:

Man O’ War: Corsair is being developed by Evil Twin Artworks, and it’s currently in Steam’s early access mode. The game is based on a Games Workshop board game, and thus adds yet another Warhammer-inspired videogame to the Steam library. This time it’s not fantasy or sci-fi though, as Man O’ War is all about the life of pirates and naval warfare. Having said that, it wouldn’t be a Warhammer game if it didn’t also have a bit of magic and fantasy fused with the core pirate concept, so that’s there as well. Expect orcs, elves and dwarves – as well as other pirates.

What we saw:

When we played Man O’ War Corsair, it was an early build – and I do mean EARLY. Starting off in Steam’s early access program, the game’s build version was at 0.1 – and at the time of writing we’re looking at version 0.1.2. Needless to say, the game still has quite a ways to go in its development cycle. Nevertheless, it’s already at a playable state, and it’s interesting to see a game so early in its development.


What we thought:

When playing Man O’ War: Corsair, it felt like a mix between Sid Meier’s Pirates, Warcraft and Assassin’s Creed Black Flag. There’s a lot of exploring and trading, with combat mixed in between. The combat isn’t as deep as we’ve seen in a lot of other board game-inspired games, but perhaps this might change.

Being an early access game, and so early on in that phase, the game does have a number of issues. A lot of these are technical in nature, like the frame rate not being constant enough and a bunch of glitches. This hampers the enjoyment factor so those expecting to play something close to a final product should probably steer away for now, and keep an eye on the development blog or the game’s steam page.

For those who are invested in the Man O’ War brand of tabletop games, this is an excellent opportunity to peek under the hood of an upcoming game of grand pirate adventuring. The game will no doubt also interest fans of games like Pirates, or Evil Twin’s previous game Victory At Sea. It’s way too early to cast any form of judgment on the game, but the scale of the game is impressive and we’ve had a lot of good Warhammer games lately. Let’s hope this will be another one.



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