Eisenhorn: XENOS preview (PC)

We’re seeing a lot of Games Workshop-inspired games lately, but this one is not based on a board game. Check out our preview of Eisenhorn: XENOS.

What we know:

Originally released for mobile devices, Eisenhorn: Xenos is a third-person action adventure based on a Games Workshop trilogy of novels written by Dan Abnett. The main character, an inquisitor called Gregor Eisenhorn, is on a journey to find a tome of ancient evil. The game promises an 11 hour campaign, in which you’ll need to use stealth, psychic powers and all sorts of weaponry.

What we saw:

We got to play an incomplete version of the game, which included the prologue as well as the first two chapters of the game. The full game will have 16 chapters, including the prologue and the epilogue. At times, the game steers away from the books – or at least gives you the option to. These changes are subtle, like taking the long way around only to end back up on the same road again. The actual storyline is therefore mostly linear, and the first few chapters showed some nice progression in terms of character and skill development.


What we thought:

What’s interesting, and a big compliment, is that it doesn’t feel like a mobile game. Eisenhorn: Xenos now has gamepad controls, and you can also use a mouse and keyboard combination. The promise of an 11 hour campaign also definitely doesn’t scream “mobile game”, and the final version should have close to 100 weapons and items available to you as a player.

The biggest difference when comparing the mobile version to the PC version that’s now in its final stages of development are visual in nature. Texture resolutions have been dramatically enhanced, and effects were added that take advantage of the PC’s graphics cards. The code we played was near final and showed a console-like experience – but one that’s exclusive to PCs for now. The team is putting the finishing touches on the game right now, which should be out later this month.



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