Spellspire preview (PS4/Vita)

Developer 10tons has been good to Vita owners for years, and is looking to add yet another game to their portfolio very soon. Spellspire is coming out on May 23rd in the US and on May 24th in Europe – here’s a quick preview on what to expect.

Spellspire is a bit of a departure from 10tons’ previous games – there’s no shooting, there are no physics based puzzles, and the game can best be described as something that fans of last year’s Letter Quest Remastered will no doubt enjoy.

In each level, you’re given a grid of 10 letters to spell words with as your character (a wizard) ventures forth in his attempt to scale a tower with no fewer than 100 levels. Spell a correct word and you’ll launch an attack, spell a longer or more complex word and you’ll launch an even stronger attack. Defeating foes will cause loot to drop, and this is where the game’s RPG elements come in.spellspire2

With this loot, you’ll be able to buy better and stronger equipment, which give you different perks for when you start to get into the tougher levels and face stronger enemies. You can also heal yourself mid-level if you have the right potions, giving you another way to survive to the end of a level.

It’s the type of game that you generally see on mobile devices, but besides the Vita Spellspire is also coming to PS4 (cross-buy) and Xbox One. The success of Letter Quest has shown us how much fun these games can be, so we’re looking forward to Spellspire!


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