Rezrog preview (PC)

At the end of this month, on the 31st of May, Rezrog will be released. It’s the latest game to come from Kasedo Games, Kalypso Games’ indie label that recently brought us excellent games like The Metronomicon and Project Highrise. We take a look at what to expect from Rezrog.

Rezrog is a dungeon crawler played from an isometric/3D perspective in procedurally generated dungeons. Before entering each dungeon, you select a character from your party who will go in solo. You can then move around freely, but the game switches to a turn-based mode once you enter into combat. Fall in combat, and your character be captured – but you have the opportunity to send in another party member to go and rescue him. Do so, and your original hero, along with his items, skills and perks become available to you again. Fail, and your next party member will also become a prisoner. Lose all your characters in a level, and you’ll have to start all the way over.


The game thus provides a serious challenge, and one that you can try to overcome by upgrading your characters and distributing the items in your inventory wisely – putting all your eggs in one basket might seem great from the perspective of the lone hero who goes into a dungeon, but if he gets imprisoned you’ll face a daunting task with any of your “lesser” heroes.

We have so far only played Rezrog for a few hours, and we liked the core gameplay as well as its audiovisual style – inspired by board games, characters look like propped up cardboard heroes – which is certainly unique. There is definitely a lot of diversity and content, with 60 skills, 120 enemies and 100 dungeons to tackle. The procedurally generated levels meant that after a while things started to feel similar, but a break until the next gameplay session had refreshed my batteries again. Once the game releases next week, this could be a great little time-waster where you tackle a few dungeons at a time. Then again, I found that I couldn’t leave the game with a party member still trapped either – my buddy HAD to be saved first.

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