Another Sight preview (PC)

Out of the many titles we saw during Gamescom, few felt as much like a passion project as Lunar Great Wall’s Another Sight. It’s gearing up for a release at the end of the week, so let’s see what we can expect.

What we know

A title that wasn’t revealed until this summer, Another Sight is the debut game for Lunar Great Wall Studios. Based out of Milan, they’ve crafted a modern puzzle platformer soaked in a layer of fantasy and emotional storytelling. Its narrative focuses on Kit – who somewhat resembles Lewis Carroll’s Alice – and a mysterious cat named Hodge.

Kit’s lost her sight, and we find her trapped in the London underground of the late 18th century. With the aid of Hodge, she has to traverse the game world by overcoming various (often environmental/physical-based) puzzles – which often relate to Hodge being able to get to places where Kit can’t reach. As she moves forward, she also meets a variety of historical figures (including Monet and Tesla) who each influence the game world and Kit’s abilities in their own way – providing new opportunities for the level and puzzle designs in later parts of the game.

another sight

What we saw

Up until a week or four ago, we hadn’t seen any gameplay for Another Sight, so we jumped at the opportunity to meet with Lunar Great Wall Studios in Cologne for Gamescom. We met with several studio members there and got our first hands on time with the game after a brief introduction on the game’s theme and background, which is visually inspired by Neil Gaiman’s novel “Neverwhere”.

This brief introduction showed us a glimpse at a puzzle platformer of a different kind, which an emphasis on the relationship between man and animal, and on how the senses of the one can strengthen the other. Right before Gamescom, the game’s September 6 launch date was also revealed, and we’ve had the pleasure of playing more sections of the game since returning from Gamescom as well.

What we thought

A bit of a mystery game heading into Gamescom, Another Sight turned out to be a puzzle platformer with a ton of character. It combines the visual atmosphere of titles like Limbo with the puzzle mechanics of titles like Lost Vikings, but the entire package is soaked in a fairytale-like sauce with historical elements and a strong emphasis on the narrative.

another sight2

The game can feel a tad slow-paced at first, when you’re exploring the main mechanics and haven’t met any of the “supporting actors” yet, but things pick up as the story begins to pick up steam. Another Sight never becomes a fast-paced muscle reflex kind of platformer though – its pace is more relaxed and introspective, allowing for more emphasis on character development and the wonderfully detailed surroundings you’re in.

Despite being a puzzle platformer, Another Sight will most likely be recognized and remembered for its impactful narrative. The puzzle mechanics borrow a little bit from other games we’ve seen before (Trine also came to mind), but the gorgeous artwork and excellent story are going to set this one apart from many other indie puzzle platformers out there.

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