The Walking Dead Onslaught video/preview (gamescom)

While we were at Gamescom, we met with Survios to check out their upcoming Walking Dead adaptation in VR – The Walking Dead Onslaught. Read our impressions below and check out the gameplay footage that was captured.

What we know

The official VR game of the immensely successful AMC show, The Walking Dead Onslaught is promising for a number of reasons. Not only does it feature the support of AMC in securing the likeness and voices of the TV show’s characters in the game, it’s also being developed by Survios. The studio that previously brought us Raw Data, Electronauts, Creed and Sprint Factor, they have a track record that makes us perk up whenever they announce a new title.

The Walking Dead Onslaught supports multiple movement options. We played with a pair of Rift controllers, allowing us to use thumbstick controls to move around the game world. The game also supports a method of walking that is reminiscent of Sprint Vector in that you can hold the controllers next to your side and simulate a walking motion to move forward. We’re assuming options will be move limited with a pair of PSVR Move controllers due to the lack of a thumbstick, but we went with that option for our playthrough anyway.

What we saw

After a detailed introduction to the game and its mechanics, we traversed one of the game’s levels – during which we were often confronted by zombies, received a number of new weapons along the way and finally escaped in a van. The entire experience was captured, and you can see the result of it right here:

What we thought

Our little pre-gameplay introduction to the game really helped in setting up what’s possible in The Walking Dead Onslaught. Besides the movement options, the game has a ton of options while in combat as well. Taking knives for example, you can dismember zombies with a well aimed slice – or you can slice open their gut and have their entrails fall out.

The system’s so intricate that you could even use a knife to carve out letters of symbols in their flesh if you wanted to make a mark that way, and we were told that knives – when thrusting them into an enemy – can even get stuck in them. If this happens, you can use your other hand to push off and get your knife back. Both extremely cool prospects, but we didn’t pull these off during our playthrough – where our main concern was just to survive.

One thing we did frequently use was the ability to reload a shotgun one-handed by shaking it – Terminator style. Backing up from a zombie with an empty gun, reloading it as you’re walking away and then aiming your gun at its head is extremely satisfying, to say the least. Running out of bullets in the middle of that scenario… not so much. We look forward to the full experience later this year, where we also hope to pull off some of those special moves that were mentioned. We saw a few in-game tutorials for the bare basics, so let’s hope those specials also get the attention they deserve – they sound too cool to ignore.

walking dead onslaught2

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