Blindfold review (PSVR)

From indie publisher Digerati comes Blindfold, a VR exclusive experience that is out now for Playstation VR. An intense companion piece to the adventure game 1979 Revolution: Black Friday, here’s our review.

Blindfold isn’t a traditional game per se, not does it involve exploring an inability to see like the game “Blind” did. Instead, it’s a controller-free experience that puts you in the seat of a photojournalist who has been taken hostage and is being held inside Iran’s Evin prison. The story that unfolds is loosely based on a true one, inspired by real life accounts of what happened.

As the experience starts, you sit across from a fellow journalist who’s also been captured. He’s wearing a blindfold and is clearly distressed, and at that moment an interrogator walks in. He’s more interested in you, and the experience demonstrates how powerful a medium VR can be as you’re put under pressure by someone directing questions at you and looking you in the eye.


You can deal with these questions by stoically staring straight ahead, or you can engage with the interrogator by nodding your head for yes or shaking your head for no. Whatever course you take, the interrogator dynamically changes his rhetoric and behavior, which makes doing multiple playthroughs interesting.

The experience is very short though – I didn’t keep track but I’d say you’re looking at five to ten minutes in total. After the experience ends there is a gallery of journalists who’ve been taken captive or killed in the line of duty, showcasing an underlying message, but that’s all the content you get. There are different ways in which the scenario can end, but don’t expect a lot of replayability beyond your first two (or maybe three) playthroughs.

As such, the experience reminded me a little of the Kitchen demo for Resident Evil 7. That too made great use of VR without offering a lot in terms of traditional gameplay, and Blindfold has a similar formula. As such, it’s a great way of demonstrating VR to friends and family who have little interest in gaming, as it doesn’t require any gamepad expertise or a lot of time. It’s a well done experience and very intense – the only downside being that this is a paid experience whereas Kitchen was free. However, if horror isn’t your thing and you’d like to show off your VR headset then this is 2 dollars/euros well spent.

Score: 6.5/10

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