Skelittle: A Giant Party impressions (Switch)

Do you think Mario Party is just outside of your budget for some party game fun on the Nintendo Switch this holiday season? Perhaps Skelittle: A Giant Party is a good alternative! At a fraction of the price, it offers fifteen minigames you can play with friends and family.

While Skelittle can be played solo against CPU-controlled players, it’s a game clearly designed to be played with others. We’ve only tried out a few of the games so far when we got together for our pre-Christmas party, and one constant factor is that all the games appear simple in nature and easy to learn. They’re very action-oriented with little need for strategy, which means there isn’t much in the way of a learning curve and (grand)parents and kids can just jump in and be competitive within a few rounds.


In addition to the fifteen minigames that have been supplied with the game, you can also craft your own variations using the game’s sandbox mode, in which you can use or change game elements to come up with various new takes on what’s already in the game or perhaps something of your own creation (more or less, since there is a limit to how much freedom you have – don’t expect Media Molecule-like freedom).

We’re certainly going to be playing more Skelittle in the weeks to come, which brings us to what is possibly the best part about the game – value for money. With the direct competition (from Mario Party) being so much more expensive than this game, it’s a great idea to go full price on something like Luigi’s Mansion or Zelda and then buy this one as well – that way, you have a ton of gameplay to get you through the holidays.


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