Release roundup – July 2020 & beyond!

The summer months are traditionally considered “slow” when it comes to new game releases, with a lot of the news being focused on games that aren’t coming out until the holiday season. There is plenty of news on the game release front though, and we picked out some of the more interesting tidbits for you.

Liberated launches on PC

After releasing for the Nintendo Switch in the early days of June, Atomic Wolf’s Liberated is out now (July 29th) for PCs through Steam. Published by Walkabout Games, this comic book meets action/stealth adventure is a title we had been eagerly anticipating since we first went hands on with it about a year ago.


Back then, we loved the visual style that the comic book approach brought with it, and were hoping for more fleshed out gameplay to complement it. It’s been a bit of a wait since we didn’t play the Switch version, but we can finally see how things turned out. You can find out yourself by checking the game out here as well:

VR Giants meets its Kickstarter goal

VR Giants is the debut title for Wolfgang Tschauko and it’s an asymmetrical co-op puzzle platformer that uses VR to great effect. Using the classic David and Goliath story as a metaphor, the VR player controls a giant robot/golem-like character who has to use his hands to manipulate the environment for the non-VR player who controls David.

vr giants

We’re big fans of VR titles that involve a non-VR player as well, and the premise for VR Giants reminds us of a mix of Carly and the Reaperman and the PlayStation Eye camera-powered Commander Cherry’s Puzzled Journey. We got to play an early version of the game, and it’s definitely worth checking out if you enjoy that VR/local hybrid.

There’s a Kickstarter campaign for the game going on right now, which includes a free demo to try! The game has already met its funding goal, but with two weeks left you can help grow the game as stretch goals are already being announced:

Nioh 2 – The Tengu’s Disciple DLC is out now

While it’s certainly a quieter period for AAA titles, we do get a brand new DLC addon for Nioh 2 entitled The Tengu’s Disciple, and what we’ve seen so far has been excellent. As with the DLC packs for the first Nioh, this one is full of new content, and picks up where the base game left off.


You’ll be able to travel to a brand new region called Yashima where a new narrative mini-campaign unfolds that features new NPCs of both the friendly and not-so-friendly variants, even adding new boss fights into the mix. In addition, you also gain access to a new weapon (which enables staff-based combat) as well as new skills and abilities.

Cardaclysm heads into early access

Developed by Elder Games for the always-diverse publishing house that is Headup Games, Cardaclysm: Shards of the Four is heading into Steam’s Early Access program this week. Not surprisingly when you look at the title, it’s a title that features deckbuilding gameplay set against a fantasy backdrop.


This is a title we’ve been keeping an eye on for a while now, as the development team has been quite active on their Discord channel and are open to community input and feedback. We’ve definitely seen worse Early Access approaches than this, so if you’re interested in shaping this upcoming deck building RPG then head on over to Steam for details and/or join the Discord at – the game is scheduled to launch out of EA at the end of the year so there’s plenty of time for deck building enthusiasts to get involved!

Necronator: Dead Wrong comes out of early access

As one deck builder enters Early Access, another one comes out of it, with the full release of Toge and Modern Wolf’s Necronator: Dead Wrong. This one’s a different kind of hybrid though, as it combines deck building with elements of Real Time Strategy as well as tower defense. It’s been in Early Access since the start of this year, and in that period the developer has made numerous additions and improvements.


A very productive Early Access phase has resulted in almost 200 new maps as well as dozens of new cards, units and relics. The game comes with a full story mode, so check out Necronator right now through its store page:

Parkasaurus launches into version 1.0

When someone says “Dinosaur tycoon game”, you probably think of Frontier’s Jurassic World Evolution. There’s a two-man (!) team out of Canada that’s been working on something similar-yet-different for the past few years now though, and it’s Washbear Studio with their project Parkasaurus.


Instead of hyper-realistic dinosaur models, Parkasaurus has some serious Rollercoaster Tycoon vibes going for it, with a splash of Viva Pinata in the shape of colorful graphics AND ditto dinosaurs. It also has a ton of gameplay and dinosaur content, and has racked up very impressive review scores on Steam since it launched into Early Access almost two years ago.

Now, we’re about two weeks out from its full 1.0 launch, so keep an eye out on and get ready to channel your inner John Hammond once more – or do so right away if you still want to get into the Early Access phase.

Pixel Ripped 1995 receives a big free update

A favorite for many VR players, the Pixel Ripped games by ARVORE can be enjoyed on a multitude of VR headsets. This year’s Pixel Ripped 1995 just received a free update for the Quest, Rift and Steam versions that’s coming to PlayStation VR very soon as well

pixel ripped 1995

Besides the usual bug fixes, optimizations and general improvements, the update also adds a host of new content to the game. Some of these are collectibles that come in the shape of new outfits and golden cartridges that are hidden across the game’s levels. Grab them all, and you gain access to a bit of secret end-game content that also teases where the franchise might be heading next. There’s also additional content to be experienced without completing the game first, with an interactive comic book and a post-credits scene.

Lastly, the update provides new incentives for those who have already beaten the game, with a new (tougher) difficulty level and online leaderboards for the highest scores and best times. All in all, plenty of content to add to the lasting appeal of this excellent retro-inspired VR game.

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